SciScan 1.3 Release Notes

New Features:

Installation (All systems)

The Confirm INI settings have been rewritten to improve user experience and installation procedure, either when installing or upgrading.

Graphical User Interface (All systems)

To cater for the new range of Multiphoton systems from Scientifica that propose two simultaneous light paths, the software is started from a VI named SciScan HyperScope giving access to a light path selector, populated according to the hardware configuration.

User Interfaces of Resonant and Galvo scan engines have been modified for coherence and improved user experience.

Photo-stimulation (Galvo systems)

A new module has been created to allow separate or parallel multiphoton stimulation. Importable and exportable stimulation protocols can be easily set up to stimulate points and to define groups and repetitions of those, with a full control over the stimulation parameters. This module is available for all systems with a Galvo imaging and/or photo-stimulation path. The legacy “uncaging module” from the previous version is still available upon request.

Calibration Module (HyperScope dual path)

To take full advantage of the dual path system, a calibration module has been created to map imaging path and photo-stimulation path. Doing so will allow simultaneous imaging and photo-stimulation through the photo-stimulation module. Depending on the hardware, imaging can be done with a Galvo and/or Resonant scan engine.

New optional plugins are now available:

  • Artificial motor: Used to decouple the motor from SciScan, allowing defining of piezo scans from SciScan while the motors are in use by other software (e.g. LinLab).
  • KR module: A simplified version of the position save module
  • Replay logger: Debugging tool to log user/software interactions
  • Piezo Z-positioning module: Allow the use of the Piezo to set up a slow volume scan

SciScript “Generic” macro command now accessible:

  • Any GFG variable (e.g. Laser.Power) can now be used and modified in the macro module for advanced scripting and generation of new macros

Bug fixes

  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Improvement of user experience


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