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SciScan 1.1 Release Notes

Read about the major and minor changes to SciScan in the latest release SciScan 1.1. For more detailed information, view the new and up-to-date pages within the knowledge base.

Major Changes:

Start delay look-up-table – Automatically records the last used start delay value for a set of scan parameters and re-uses this value when these parameters are used again.

Open Microscopy Environment compatibility – Allows users to save images with OME-compliant metadata and add additional content to the metadata if required.

16-Bit Multi-TIFFs for resonant scanning – Can now save resonant scanning data as 16-bit Multi-tiff

Objective selection for resonant scanning system – A drop down has been added to save and select different objective configurations.

SciScript presets – A Slow Z-Stack preset has been added to SciScript, more presets will follow.

Stand Alone line shift correction – A stand-alone VI (VI Name) has been included in the Extras folder in the SciScan Project. The VI allows re-aligning of raw images that were recorded with an incorrect start delay setting.

Python and Matlab interface added to zip File – Communicate with SciScan through ActiveX Interface

Bug fixes and Minor Changes:

• “Z-Stack Start” button is now greyed out and disabled while “Focus” is active.
• If Z-Stack Table is unpopulated, “Move to Start” will no longer attempt to move the system to position 0,0,0.
• Adjusted leniency on Z-Stack start position to +/-0.3um.
• Added the ability to programmatically enable or disable the Virtual XYZ system without launching the pop-up window.
• Interplay between “frames.per.z.cycle”, “” and “Cycles.To.Scan” has been adjusted to maintain that the “” is divisible by 4 to ensure that no data is lost when saving.
• Fixed incorrect “volume.rate” calculation.
• “Laser.Power” is now disabled while the piezo scanning function is enabled as laser power values will be taken from the Z-Stack table.
• X and Y Positions are now also checked along with the Z position before executing a Z-Stack.
• Added absX, absY and absZ variables.
• Added “SetVirtXYZ” and “SetAbsXYZ” variables to SciScan to programmatically set the Absolute location or Virtual coordinate location in the tilted XYZ plane.
• Colours changed on Virtual XYZ dialogue to white on grey rather than black on grey.
• Start Delay control changed to a slider on Galvo Analogue Input Tab
• Batch file now being written when a raw file is cancelled
• Changed behaviour of sliders on main GUI, value now only submitted when the mouse button is released.