SciScan 1.0 User Interface

SciScan 1.0: Expert designed multiphoton acquisition software

Scientifica is proud to announce the release of SciScan 1.0, the first full version of Scientifica’s multiphoton acquisition software.

Written in LabView, SciScan is a free open source software package built specifically to carry out multiphoton imaging using Scientifica’s range of multiphoton laser scanning microscopy equipment.

SciScan’s purpose-built API allows users to integrate SciScan easily with their custom-written applications, not only from within LabView but also from applications written in other programming languages (Python, Matlab, C++, etc.).

The open architecture and flexible nature means users can quickly adapt SciScan to interface with additional hardware or custom-built scanners (provided the data acquisition hardware is compatible).

The brand new SciScript Module allows users to pre-program recording sequences and stage motions, opening up many new possibilities. These range from simple time-lapse imaging to long and highly complex sequences of recurrent acquisitions.

Also new is the Position Save Module, which enables chronic in vivo experiments with repeated imaging sessions over the course of days, weeks or months. It greatly simplifies the task of precisely repositioning the scan area over the same locations again and again.

You can take a closer look at SciScan 1.0 functionality in our instructional videos, register for the SciScan Knowledgebase today and download SciScan 1.0 now.

Built-in features include:

  • Frame rate up to ~50fps with the galvo scan head (200×50 pixels)
  • Frame rate up to ~248fps with the resonant scan head (1024×64 pixel)
  • TTL OUT channels (sample clock, pixel clock, line clock, frame clock) for accurate synchronization with external equipment
  • TTL IN for triggering a recording from external equipment
  • Up to 4 PMT channels
  • Integrated intensity control (using a Pockels cell or a motorised half-wave plate)
  • Fast volume scanning using a piezo objective positioner
  • Standard scan modes include: frame scan, Z-stacks, line scan
  • ROI Monitoring
  • Position Save Module for chronic in-vivo imaging enables users to save multiple recording locations and quickly find the same locations again days or weeks later
  • SciScript – intuitive user interface for creating pre-programmed sequences and loops of frame scans, recordings
  • And many more…

SciScan Screenshot

SciScan was developed in Scientifica’s R&D Team by Bruno Pichler (Multiphoton R&D Manager) and Arjun Prakash (Software Engineer) in close collaboration with leading researchers. It combines Bruno’s wealth of experience as a programmer and neuroscientist with the feedback from our customers and beta-testers who have scrutinized prototype versions of SciScan in their lab. The software, designed from the user’s perspective, was created by researchers for researchers

Bruno said: “I’m very excited about the release of SciScan 1.0 and hope that the new features will help many of our customers.

“I’m keen to hear from existing SciScan users as well as new users to see how these and other new SciScan features may benefit their research. I always appreciate feedback on opportunities for improvement and further functionality. I’m very much looking forward to stimulating discussions during SfN, and I hope to see many friends old and new at our booth.”

If you would like to see SciScan in action, Bruno will be available at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago (17th-21st October 2015) to demonstrate the software and answer your questions. Please contact Scientifica to arrange an appointment.