SciScan 1.4 Release Notes

New features: Windows 10 compatibility SciScan 1.4 now runs on LabVIEW 2018 and is fully compatible with the newest Windows 10 version. Piezo Z Positioning (All systems) The user has the option to define the Z-volume using the Piezo actuator instead of the stage. This is useful in applications that […]

SciScan 1.3 Release Notes

New Features: Installation (All systems) The Confirm INI settings have been rewritten to improve user experience and installation procedure, either when installing or upgrading. Graphical User Interface (All systems) To cater for the new range of Multiphoton systems from Scientifica that propose two simultaneous light paths, the software is started […]

Scientifica SciScan wins microscopy today award

SciScan wins a Microscopy Today Innovation Award

Scientifica is very happy to announce that our multiphoton laser scanning microscopy software has been judged as one of the ten best innovations in the 2016 Microscopy Today Innovation Awards. The award was given to Scientifica during the Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting in Columbus, Ohio, for the development of SciScan, […]

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Get scanning: Download SciScan 1.2

The latest version of Scientifica’s control and acquisition software for laser scanning microscopes, including the Scientifica multiphoton microscope range, is now available to download from the SciScan Knowledge Base. This update includes a number of new features that add a variety of new functionality to SciScan as well as some […]

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Download SciScan 1.1 now

The latest version of SciScan is now available for download. SciScan 1.1 incorporates new and improved functionality including ActiveX connectivity, start delay look-up tables and OME compatibility. ActiveX connectivity ActiveX connectivity allows the user to control SciScan from programming languages such as MATLAB or Python. It provides easy access to […]

OME settings

SciScan 1.1 Release Notes

Read about the major and minor changes to SciScan in the latest release SciScan 1.1. For more detailed information, view the new and up-to-date pages within the knowledge base. Major Changes: • Start delay look-up-table – Automatically records the last used start delay value for a set of scan parameters […]

SciScan 1.0 User Interface

SciScan 1.0: Expert designed multiphoton acquisition software

Scientifica is proud to announce the release of SciScan 1.0, the first full version of Scientifica’s multiphoton acquisition software. Written in LabView, SciScan is a free open source software package built specifically to carry out multiphoton imaging using Scientifica’s range of multiphoton laser scanning microscopy equipment. SciScan’s purpose-built API allows […]

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Introducing SciScan Knowledge Base

Scientifica have developed the SciScan Knowledge Base as an online manual to assist you with the SciScan multiphoton aquisition software. We’ll be updating the content as new features are added. If you have any questions, please contact us at