Trigger Tab (Resonant)

Trigger Tab (Resonant)

The trigger tab allows users to start the image acquisition using an external trigger. Whenever the box external.start.trigger.enable is ticked the system will wait for a TTL signal (rising edge) on before executing the RECORD (or Focus) function. Please consult Knowledge Base articles on wiring your DAQ for specific input channels.

Once you are satisfied that the trigger is wired properly and the tick box is selected, press the RECORD button. You will notice that instead of beginning acquisition as normal, the RECORD button will stay in its “on” state but only the X Mirror will start running. The system is now waiting for a trigger on the before starting the recording. Once it receives the trigger the system will wait for the next line sync signal from the oscillating X Mirror before starting the Y Mirror with the current 2D frame scan parameters being applied.

Please note: If the system is set up to receive a signal and never does, it might be required to restart the software before normal function can be resumed.

Please note: The shutter will open when waiting for an incoming trigger, this is to reduce dropped frames after receiving the trigger while the shutter opens. To protect the sample SciScan moves the Y-Galvo to a position that keeps the beam out of the field of view while waiting for the trigger.

Triggering From SciScan

In addition to initiating an acquisition on a TTL input, SciScan also provides several signals to aid in synchronisation with other equipment. A signal is available at the start of every acquired Pixel, Line and Frame. Output channels differ between different DAQ configurations, please consult the individual component wiring guides for a fully summary.

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