Posthoc Start Delay Correction

The posthoc start delay allows users to correct raw, 2D images (excluding TIFFs and Stacks) that have been recorded with the start delay set incorrectly. The posthoc start delay separates the data into two images, the forward image and the reverse image and then allows you to shift them relative to one another to correct for any comb artefacts.

For information on how to auto correct the start delay during imaging please see the Start Delay Auto Correct  for Galvo Sanning, or 2D Resonant Frame Scans. 

Posthoc Start Delay Correction

Notes on Use

  1. Run the posthoc start delay whilst the SciScan GUI is not running.
  2. Select the raw file you would like to correct when prompted.
  3. The posthoc start delay will now load the raw file in and average the first 100 frames of the image together for display.
  4. The software will try and find the best possible match between the forward and reverse images and apply the appropriate shift. The shift applied will be displayed in the “shift lines by” dialogue. The shift can be adjusted by either increasing or decreasing this value.

Once the image is re-aligned press “confirm” to save a corrected copy of the image. The corrected image will be saved in the same folder as the original image but with the suffix “.lineshifted.raw”


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