Replay Logger

The replay logger is a vi that allows the system to record any event happening and log it in a single text file.

This functionality is useful for the purpose of debugging or identifying the series of actions that lead to an issue. The module can be activated during the installation procedure and the INI file setup (3INI setup for SciScan 1.3)

In order to help reading and interpreting data from the replay log file, one can use the It is located in the extras folder of the SciScan project.

The analysis is done by dividing the events into chunks, each of them consists of a group of events that happen in a short amount of time and are in most cases related to a single user action.

User interface of the replay viewer

A Select the file you want to analyse
B List of all events included in the file. The columns are : time stamp / variable affected / VI generating the change / type of variable / new value
C Chunk selector. Using the slider, the user can select the set of events triggered by one action
D List of all events in a chunk
E Time stamps for the selected chunk of events
F Graphical representation of the all set of events

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