Programming Concepts in SciScan

SciScan has been written with user friendliness and flexibility in mind. The carefully written software architecture has been designed to allow users to interact with Scientifica’s core code without modifying the code itself.

SciScan utilizes Functional Global Variables (FGV) to transmit information between the different sub VI’s within the program. Every time the value associated to a particular FGV is changed a User Event is generated and can be listened for. All of the FGVs are handled by the Generalised Functional Global (GFG) Core VI ( which is designed to handle an unlimited number of variables of any type and can be modified at anytime from anywhere. The idea of a Generalized Functional Global is fully explained here.

Interaction with SciScan can be carried out through listening to and modifying the various GFVs through the GFG core, allowing independent VIs to control and be controlled from SciScan’s front end without altering the core code itself.

This video introduces some of the basic concepts to enable programming in SciScan. For more information, please contact Scientifica.

For further information on integrating SciScan with other applications using the ActiveX X Advanced Programming Interfere (API) please see the Active X integration page.


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