PMT Gain Control (Resonant)

PMT Gain Control (Resonant)
PMT Gain Control (Resonant)

The in built PMT gain control allows the user to modulate the gain of up to four PMTs. The module is designed for use with the Scientifica MDU-8000-10 PMT controller and utilises a USB interface.The MDU-8000-10 controller can control the gain of up to 2 PMTs control of 2 or 4 PMTs can be selected for in the .ini file.

To use the gain control, enable the PMTs through the 19″¬†controller and then drag the slider or type the desired value into the input field.


The PMT gain control module is controlled by PMT The VI must be listed in the optional.modules strong of the .ini file.

COM ports for the PMTs also need to be specified in the Peripheral Settings section of the .ini file.

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