KR Module

The KR module is a simplified version of the position save module. Its purpose is to allow retrieval of an image from a previously saved field of view.


  • Load a previously saved image
  • Superimpose a live image from any live channels
  • Adjust the histogram of both a saved and live image to be able to visually superimpose the two of them


The KR_module is built in SciScan, however as its function is similar to the Position Save module, one has to choose which to use. “” can be replaced by “” in the module list of the ini file of the system in use.

Module list to modify the INI file

Using the module

Once set up in the ini file, the module can be started from the project either while SciScan is running or by selecting the position save module plugins menu.

KR_Module GUI

1 Panel displaying the current (live image)
2 Panel displaying the saved image
3 Channel selector for the live image
4 Opens a navigation window to open a previously saved image
5 Image adjustment allowing overlaying of both images and adjusting the histogram parameters for each of them independently

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