2.b – Data Acquisition Hardware (Resonant)

SciScan operates using National Instruments data acquisition hardware and has been written with a particular DAQ configuration in mind. Due to limitations of the FPGA system employed for data acquisition, many of the required connections between the microscope and the data acquisition equipment are hard-coded and cannot easily be changed. For this reason it is advised to stick to the recommended acquisition hardware and to follow the associated wiring instructions.

SciScan uses a PXI based acquisition system and requires a standard PXI chassis to hold all of the required acquisition and output cards. Typically the NI PIXe-1073 is used.

Please note: in addition to the required FPGA, Digitizer and Output cards; break out boxes suitable for each will be needed in order to connect the various devices. Recommendations are made on the wiring pages.

FPGAs and Digitizers

SciScan can use one of two Digitizer/FPGA combinations. Both options are supported however Scientifica recommends use of the NI 5734 120MS/s digitizer wherever possible.

Please note: 1024x pixel resolutions are not available if using the slower digitizer module and other future developments may not be compatible.

Option No.FPGA ModuleDigitizer ModuleSciScan ConnectionsRecommended?
1NI PXIe-7961RNI 5734 120 MS/s DigitizerNI5734 WiringX
2NI PXIe-7962R OR NI PXIe-7961RNI 5751 50MS/s DigitizerNI5751 Wiring

Output Cards

SciScan can use one of two analogue output cards to drive the scanning mirrors and other peripheral devices.

Option No.Output CardSciScan ConnectionsMinimum Number RequiredMaximum Number Required
1PXI-6259PXI-6259 Wiring11
2PXIe-6341PXIe-6341 Wiring13

Signal Summary

Connection ports are hard coded depending on which hardware options you decide to use. Please see the individual component wiring guides.

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