Arbitrary Frames (arb.frames) Tab (Resonant)

The arb.arames tab displays important information about your scan. The only editable field is the Y Resolution which only becomes editable when one of the arbitrary Y resolution options are chosen (512 x Arbitrary, 1024 x Arbitrary or 1536 x Arbitrary). None of the other fields on this tab are editable but will update as you change the scan parameters from the 2D Frame Tab.

arb.frames Tab (Resonant)
arb.frames Tab (Resonant)
LabelVariable NameFunction
AX resolutionDisplays number of pixels per line (X-Resolution).
BY ResolutionDisplays the number of lines per frame (Y-Resolution). Editable if an arbitrary y resolution is chosen.
Cx.pixel.szWidth of pixel in real world distances.
Dy.pixel.szHeight of pixel in real world distances

Please note: The real world distances displayed in and are calculated from  the field of view settings in the AO Tab. In this example the LabVIEW notation “n” denotes “nano-” or 10-9

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