2D Frame Scan (Galvo)

The 2D Frame Scan tab allows the user to adjust basic scan parameters for both Focus mode and acquired images.

2D Frame Tab (Galvo)
2D Frame Tab (Galvo)
AScan Rotationoff/on tick box enables or disables scan rotation. Scan can be rotated through 360 degrees either through the numerical control or the dial.
BNumber of Frames to AcquireThe number of frames that will be saved in the next recording.
CScan SpeedContains 4 pre-set scan speeds; long exposure, standard scan, fast scan and extra fast scan. These relate to pixel dwell times of 8us, 4us, 2us and 1us respectively.
DScan ResolutionContains a range of pre-set scan resolutions varying from 128x128 through to 1024x1024 The arbitrary option allows you to bypass the suggested pre-sets and input your own scan parameters (See arb.frames Tab)
Ems/line and frames/sThe line duration (milliseconds per line) and the frame rate (frames per second) are calculated from the chosen scan parameters and displayed here.
FZoom ControlBoth the Slider and the numeric display can be used to reduce the field of view by a factor of 1 to 8.
GField of View (FOV) IndicatorThese values are calibrated for each objective used on the system and automatically adjust with the zoom factor. Objective parameters can be added, removed or edited in the .ini file and selected in the general settings tab.

Please note: The zoom operates by adjusting the scan mirror angles and is distinct from digital zoom in the display window.

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