Scientifica SciScan wins microscopy today award

SciScan wins a Microscopy Today Innovation Award

Scientifica is very happy to announce that our multiphoton laser scanning microscopy software has been judged as one of the ten best innovations in the 2016 Microscopy Today Innovation Awards. The award was given to Scientifica during the Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting in Columbus, Ohio, for the development of SciScan, […]

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Get scanning: Download SciScan 1.2

The latest version of Scientifica’s control and acquisition software for laser scanning microscopes, including the Scientifica multiphoton microscope range, is now available to download from the SciScan Knowledge Base. This update includes a number of new features that add a variety of new functionality to SciScan as well as some […]

Knowledge Base Header

Introducing SciScan Knowledge Base

Scientifica have developed the SciScan Knowledge Base as an online manual to assist you with the SciScan multiphoton aquisition software. We’ll be updating the content as new features are added. If you have any questions, please contact us at

PMT Gain Control (Galvo)

The in built PMT gain control allows the user to modulate the gain of up to four PMTs. The module is designed for use with the Scientifica MDU-8000-10 PMT controller and utilises a USB interface. The MDU-8000-10 controller can control the gain of up to 2 PMTs control of 2 […]

Z-Stack Tab (Resonant)

The Z-Stack feature allows you to take a series of XY planes through a defined volume which can later be used to re-construct a 3D representation of the sample. The Z-Stack feature can be used either with or without laser power depth compensation. Settings defined in the 2D Frame tab are […]

Piezo Tab (Resonant)

SciScan integrates control of an external Piezo objective positioner in order to carry out volume scanning. Allowing users to capture fast, functional, data in three dimensions. As standard SciScan supports either a 100µm travel Piezo or a 400µm travel Piezo as well as providing an arbitrary scale factor option for […]

Notebook (Galvo)

The Notebook function allows you to make notes about current experiments. Type into the text field to add notes. Clear – Clears notes field. Time Stamp – Inserts a timestamp and the current frame count to the notebook. Save button – Saves the current contents of the notebook into a date/time […]

Laser Intensity Control (Galvo)

The intensity control area of the user interface allows you to modulate the power of the scanning beam on the fly. Power can be adjusted either by dragging the needle on the dial or by adjusting the numerical control. A warning will appear if you attempt to increase the laser […]

Image Display and Channel Selection (Galvo)

The first four tabs located below the image display window are used to swap between imaging channels. Selecting either “Channel 1, 2, 3 and 4” bring up the images from PMTs 1-4 respectively. By clicking on “all channels” you can see all 4 channels simultaneously. Channels are enabled or disabled from […]

Arbitrary Frames (arb.frames) Tab (Galvo)

The Arb. Frames tab gives you important information about your scan, including the pixel dwell time and pixel size at the zoom you are working at. It also allows you to change between unidirectional and bidirectional scanning. Most of the fields are greyed out unless the arbitrary option is selected […]