SciScan screen shot

Download SciScan 1.1 now

The latest version of SciScan is now available for download. SciScan 1.1 incorporates new and improved functionality including ActiveX connectivity, start delay look-up tables and OME compatibility. ActiveX connectivity ActiveX connectivity allows the user to control SciScan from programming languages such as MATLAB or Python. It provides easy access to […]

OME settings

SciScan 1.1 Release Notes

Read about the major and minor changes to SciScan in the latest release SciScan 1.1. For more detailed information, view the new and up-to-date pages within the knowledge base. Major Changes: • Start delay look-up-table – Automatically records the last used start delay value for a set of scan parameters […]

SciScan 1.0 User Interface

SciScan 1.0: Expert designed multiphoton acquisition software

Scientifica is proud to announce the release of SciScan 1.0, the first full version of Scientifica’s multiphoton acquisition software. Written in LabView, SciScan is a free open source software package built specifically to carry out multiphoton imaging using Scientifica’s range of multiphoton laser scanning microscopy equipment. SciScan’s purpose-built API allows […]