Uncaging Module – SciScan V1.2

SciScan’s uncaging module allows users to preform point stimulation or uncaging experiments in conjunction with electrophysiology recordings and is accessed through the Plugins Menu. The uncaging module allows you to select multiple points within your field of view and use a fast laser attenuator, eg. Pockels cell, to flash these […]

SciScan v1.2 & v1.3 API Resonant Variables

This table below contains Resonant variables that can be read or written to using the ActiveX interface or stand-alone VIs. This also contains all the information needed to use the Active X interface. Please use the filters, or table search bar to find the variables your require. For more information on ActiveX, […]

SciScan API (Active X Interface)

For background information on programming within SciScan please make sure you have read and understood the concepts on our Programming Concepts in SciScan page, before starting to interface using ActiveX. Interaction with SciScan can be carried out through listening to and modifying the various GFVs through the GFG core ,from LabVIEW VI’s or using […]

Posthoc Start Delay Correction

The posthoc start delay correction.vi allows users to correct raw, 2D images (excluding TIFFs and Stacks) that have been recorded with the start delay set incorrectly. The posthoc start delay correction.vi separates the data into two images, the forward image and the reverse image and then allows you to shift them […]

6 – SciScan Instructional Videos

Video Library These videos provides an overview on some of the key features of SciScan and getting started. For more detailed information please view the dedicated Knowledge Base articles. Configuring SciScan Using The confirmINIsettings.vi This video module gives information on setting up SciScan for the first time and correctly configuring your INI […]

Programming Concepts in SciScan

SciScan has been written with user friendliness and flexibility in mind. The carefully written software architecture has been designed to allow users to interact with Scientifica’s core code without modifying the code itself. SciScan utilizes Functional Global Variables (FGV) to transmit information between the different sub VI’s within the program. Every […]